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Duane's Story - Both hips, low back, mid back

“My back pain started in the early 70s and it was either get an operation or live with it, so I just lived with it. My pain was anywhere between an 8 or 10 at times at its worst. Now the pain is zero. I’m finally able to carry weights and go hiking again.”

Lori's Story - Both knees

“I had a level 10 pain. I couldn’t kneel and haven’t done so in 6 years. I would have sharp pain after being at work for 8 hours. I couldn’t walk more than half a block without turning around and going back. Now after one week I have no pain! I haven’t had to use ice or any ibuprofen!”

Mark's Story - Both knees

“Before the treatment I was not able to bend it very far – lots of stabbing, shooting pain and cracking sounds. I couldn’t squat or anything like that. My right knee was a 6 in pain and my left was even worse. The right knee feels like gold and I can bend it and not hurt at all. The left knee – the pain is less, and the mobility is more. I still get a little bit of pain in tha one. I can kneel now. I’ve already recommended this to friends.”

Joanne's Story - Lower back

“My pain was at a 5 or 6 unless I was doing serious moving or lifting. It frustrated me a lot because I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do like moving or lifting. Although, I’ve learned not to do it yet because at Christmas I had a setback. Now I’m doing well. My pain level now is really nothing. I’m going to tell my doctor who said it didn’t work. If I can continue to function the way I am I’ll be happy because I can do some cleaning, some housework, and cooking, and that’s basically what I do. I can go out for coffee and out to lunch now!”

Shirley's Story - Both knees

“Some days my pain would be at an 8 or 9. One week later, I had no pain at all. I haven’t had to take any Motrin®; some days I was taking two 800mg. I haven’t had to ice it. I wake up in the mrning and I can walk. I was able to golf, go on long walks with my dog, and ride my bike. I’ve already recommended it to many friends. You’re worth it.”

Carol's Story - Both knees

“I think I was feeling a 7 and 8 on the pain scale. I couldn’t stand long at all and, if I did, I would hear a clicking in my knees. If I moved the wrong way by changing bedding, I could hear my knees grinding. I never did go back into pain. The pain was very minimal. When I do the exercises, I really don’t have any pain. I can put a fitted sheet on myself now – I’m careful when I do it but it doesn’t hurt! When I carry a lot of groceries, it hurt my knees. The other day I carried many bags in and I said, “This doesn’t hurt!” I have recommended it to several of my family and friends. Someone even said my knees looked smaller! No more swelling. And one other benefit is that I don’t have a scar!”

Lowell's Story - Low back and left knee

“When it started, I got a lot of pain when I did any exercising at the gym. My pain level was around an 8 or 9. After the seminar, I was told I could get it, so I tried it. It’s three months out now and the pain level is down to a 3 and even a 1. The only thing now is I’m stiff, but it’s gone after working out. I do the exercises that were given to me and go to the gym for about two hours. Sitting in this chair now I don’t feel any pain whereas before I did. I can’t believe it’s doing as well as it is!”

Pam's Story - Left fingers and thumb

“Daily, my pain would progress to an 8 level of pain by three or four o’clock in the afternoon and then I had a hard time sleeping at night because it ached all night. One week out and I am only at a 1 and can sleep through the night. I could not hold my phone and now I can. I grabbed it out of habit without my and support and I was talking to a friend and said, “You wouldn’t believe this.” I didn’t even realise I wasn’t using the tool to help me hold my phone.”

Paul's Story - Both shoulders

“I had pain and weakness. After 3 months, the right shoulder probably improved 80% and the left shoulder at about 70%. My pain was at a 4 but wouldet worse if I strained it. I drive trucks and I couldn’t put my lunchbox away and I can now. Working overhead was hard. I am able to hold things easier. I would wake up quite often while sleeping before and I don’t wake up often anymore. I may have a 1 or 2 pain level, now. No one wants to live in pain.”