Medical Weight Loss

With the help of our customizable weight loss programs, you can achieve a healthier lifestyle that not only prevents pain, but helps keep illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes, at bay. These programs include coaching, education, and a diet program that is designed to not only help shed the pounds quickly but to also teach patients how to keep the weight off.

To understand how our weight loss programs work, it is important to be aware that there are three types of fat in your body and in which order they are burned.

Normal fat is burned first in order to produce fuel for the day, followed by structural fat. Structural fat cushions feet and surrounds vital organs. Finally, the fat that a dieter wants to lose, known as abnormal fat is burned. However, by the time a person begins to burn the visible fat (fat that sits on our buttocks, abdomen and hips) most individuals have become frustrated with the lack of results and given up.

The HCG Diet

The human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet involves daily injections combined with a very low-calorie regimen, in order to reset one’s metabolism and aid in long-term weight loss. Interestingly, HGC is actually a water-based hormone that is produced by a woman’s body during pregnancy. During this time, a woman is able to tap into the abnormal fat reserves for fuel while protecting structural fat.

This hormone injection allows a person to lose the fat that a typical dieter wants to lose first. Pairing these injections with a customized weight loss and exercise plan can help patients maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.